Abject Self Side Show

October 17, 2008

For this project, to show my abject self, I decided to use pictures of myself eating a smothered in green chili, shredded beef and bean burrito, in the most disgusting way. I also added pictures of anorexic or extremely skinny models. I did this because I struggle, along with, I am sure, many young women, my body. I am average weight and size for my height and according to doctors, am completely healthy. When I eat foods like this, in the back of my mind there are these pictures of these women, but my mentality is fuck it! Why not eat what I want? Society is pushing these images down our throats. I should not only not be eating this food but I should also not be using my hands, and having such horrible manners. This is my abject self, being 19 and not subjecting myself to what society expects of me…a young skinny, well mannered girl….yeah right, its just not me.


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October 17, 2008

October 3, 2008

September 26, 2008

     I feel that digital art is used more as a tool then a medium in many ways, however I also think that on some levels it should be considered a medium. I think that it should not be a medium because it is, to me, a more lazy way to go about producing art. Please do not get me wrong I think that you can make some really creative works using digital tools and programs, I myself make digital art. Because i do make digital art and the more traditional art, I know that when I make traditional I put more time and effort into mediums such as paintings or photography then I do my digital works. Another reason I feel that digital art is more of a tool and not a medium is because for this last poster project, I used the traditional photography process to get my images, rather then finding them on the internet and then used Photo Shop as a tool to make the photos into poster format.

What makes an Ad successful?

September 12, 2008

I think what makes an advertisement successful is when an ad can grab your attention, and make it something you remember, not just in though one ear out the other or not something that will go right over your head.

I think that this advertisement, which is a two part piece, utilizes the use of high contrast to convey meaning. I think they use contrast not only in colors, the bright washed out background, and the stark white model wearing a black dress and black shoes, which make the dress( what they are selling) really pop out at you. In the second and first photos, if you did not notice this is a man, I think that the contrast of a man in a womans dress is brilliant because no one will ever forget this ad campaign.

I think that because the subject of the ad is so bold that if there were bold colors it would be too much in your face. The colors are pleasing and calm and the thing that grabs your attention is the shock of the subject.

There is only text and information on the first picture, but the information flows by showing that they are selling the dress because it is on the model and the black dress leads you to the black text which tells you that it is Marc by Marc Jacobs. In the second picture there is no text but because the dress and accessories are on a man, they stand out pretty well and you do not need words telling you what they are selling.

I think that you are led through the image visually in the second picture by the use of lines and the angles of the lines. The window frame at the top leads you to the model, who then leads you down to the left corner, then the piping or guard rail the model is sitting on leads you back up to the right of the picture and the black sunglasses on the pale model bring you back up and it starts all over again. You keep moving in this picture.

How has New Media or Digital Art impacted our Western Culture?

September 11, 2008

With the rise and improvements of technology in our day and age, digital or new media art has had a significant impact on our Western culture. Impacts which think are both positive and negative. Some of the more positive effects from digital art is the fact that with the internet digital art can now be shared more easily. Another positive attribute of digital art is that now distribution of art is more readily available. Instead of one original floating around between gallery and gallery, new media can be mass produced, printed multiple times, which can also be a negative thing depending on what you wanted done with your art. Digital art has also made a huge impact on our culture by how fast today’s technology is. This contributes to the speed of how fast the art gets around and is seen, it increases the speed in which the art gets noticed and recognized.
Although there are many positive impacts and uses of digital art I feel that there are more negative impacts then there are positive. With every new advance in technology I feel that we as a western culture are moving farther and father away from person to person interaction .Today we no longer have the personal touch of handwritten letter, but e-mails rather, instead of a phone call, all I get are text messages, we do not have to go to the mall for the Christmas rush, now there is ebay, and today you no longer have to leave the house to do your banking, its all online. I mean what is this world coming to when no one ever has to leave their house for anything? We are losing social aspects of everyday life. With digital art I do not like the fact that the artist is not touching the piece itself, the mouse is. I feel that with new media we are losing so much feeling and personality and character. When I look at art I like seeing the artists marks, the brush strokes, the mistakes. I like looking at a painting and saying, “Wow that’s done with paint, and not on the computer?” And I am sure there are digital pieces out there that have that same effect, I just have yet to see them.
In some ways I think that with new media, and with all new advances in technology, it has made our culture more lazy, to be honest. For example in my high school we always had a wet, dark room lab, where we learned how to make color prints, black and white prints, balance contrasts, develop our own film and print the photos using light exposures, the old fashion way, almost as a science. However in my second year of photography, the district decided to rip out the wet lab and the dark room and replace it by rows of computers and desks. At first it was a good thing. We had to learn all the ins and outs of Photoshop, and we were creating truly amazing pictures. However in my third year of photography I felt students, sometimes including myself, when it came to a project, would snap a couple pictures, load them up, increase the contrast, add a crazy filter and call it a day. I just feel that today in our culture new media art along with all the new technology has just made everything feel rushed and not really thought out. I feel like along with gaining all these new advancements we are losing so much.

September 5, 2008

For this project i created a portrait of Dustin Dollin using Word. There is no particular reason that i chose Dustin Dollin, he was just the first person that came to mind. I made this image by first filling the page with all black zeros, then changing the color of the text to create the shadows.

dustin dollin

August 22, 2008

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August 15, 2008

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