Abject Self Side Show

For this project, to show my abject self, I decided to use pictures of myself eating a smothered in green chili, shredded beef and bean burrito, in the most disgusting way. I also added pictures of anorexic or extremely skinny models. I did this because I struggle, along with, I am sure, many young women, my body. I am average weight and size for my height and according to doctors, am completely healthy. When I eat foods like this, in the back of my mind there are these pictures of these women, but my mentality is fuck it! Why not eat what I want? Society is pushing these images down our throats. I should not only not be eating this food but I should also not be using my hands, and having such horrible manners. This is my abject self, being 19 and not subjecting myself to what society expects of me…a young skinny, well mannered girl….yeah right, its just not me.


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