What makes an Ad successful?

I think what makes an advertisement successful is when an ad can grab your attention, and make it something you remember, not just in though one ear out the other or not something that will go right over your head.

I think that this advertisement, which is a two part piece, utilizes the use of high contrast to convey meaning. I think they use contrast not only in colors, the bright washed out background, and the stark white model wearing a black dress and black shoes, which make the dress( what they are selling) really pop out at you. In the second and first photos, if you did not notice this is a man, I think that the contrast of a man in a womans dress is brilliant because no one will ever forget this ad campaign.

I think that because the subject of the ad is so bold that if there were bold colors it would be too much in your face. The colors are pleasing and calm and the thing that grabs your attention is the shock of the subject.

There is only text and information on the first picture, but the information flows by showing that they are selling the dress because it is on the model and the black dress leads you to the black text which tells you that it is Marc by Marc Jacobs. In the second picture there is no text but because the dress and accessories are on a man, they stand out pretty well and you do not need words telling you what they are selling.

I think that you are led through the image visually in the second picture by the use of lines and the angles of the lines. The window frame at the top leads you to the model, who then leads you down to the left corner, then the piping or guard rail the model is sitting on leads you back up to the right of the picture and the black sunglasses on the pale model bring you back up and it starts all over again. You keep moving in this picture.


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