I feel that digital art is used more as a tool then a medium in many ways, however I also think that on some levels it should be considered a medium. I think that it should not be a medium because it is, to me, a more lazy way to go about producing art. Please do not get me wrong I think that you can make some really creative works using digital tools and programs, I myself make digital art. Because i do make digital art and the more traditional art, I know that when I make traditional I put more time and effort into mediums such as paintings or photography then I do my digital works. Another reason I feel that digital art is more of a tool and not a medium is because for this last poster project, I used the traditional photography process to get my images, rather then finding them on the internet and then used Photo Shop as a tool to make the photos into poster format.


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  1. ellathinks Says:

    As an artist we do have our own techniques or inspiration in doing artwork..like in digital art..I like your point of view and opinion in terms of photography..I know this would be your key to succed as a professional photographer..keep it up!

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